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  • Additional Ferrite GeometriesOpen or Close

    Small and long rods of various sizes from 2mm diameter onwards, length up to 50.8mm

    Balun and multi aperture cores of various sizes especially in NiZn materials

    Ribbon cable suppressors –solid and split in various sizes in NiZn Materials

    Small bead cores of various sizes for suppression application

    Sleeve cores of various sizes for suppression application

    Axial leaded choke coils using NiZn beads

  • Additional Material and ServicesOpen or Close

    Soft Magnetics
    MMG India Pvt. Ltd. Can supply a full range of Soft Magnetic materials including:

    Soft Ferrites-Manganese Zinc, Nickel Zinc, Fully sintered crushed powder, Bobbins and Accessories

    Strip Wound Cores

    Wound Components

    Iron Powder Cores- Carbonyl Iron, Sendust, MPP and High flux

    Amorphous Material- Iron and Cobalt base, Nanocrystalline, Powdered Cores, C-cores and Choke Cores

    We are also able to assist with the design and supply of high frequency and high power chokes and transformers for various applications such as rail and renewable energy. These are manufactured within our own facilities or by one of our strategic partners.

  • Permanent MagnetsOpen or Close

    In Addition to the soft magnetic components MMG India can supply an extensive range of permanent magnets, accessories and magnet assemblies. These products are widely used in the Industrial, Audio, Renewable energy, Automotive, Aerospace and Consumer Electronics industries. We supply an extensive range of materials including:

    Neodymium Iron Boron-sintered, bonded

    Ferrite-anisotropic, isotropic


    Samarium Cobalt

    Injection Moulded Magnets

    Magnet Assemblies-including metal work

    Pot Holding Magnets-deep, shallow

    Strontium Ferrite Powder